A Security Door that Can Protect My Home In Australia 2022

I Want a Security Door that Can Protect My Home AND Look Good

Yes! Stylish looking security doors do exist! Choose a security door that will improve your home protection while also enhancing the street appeal of your home.

To someone who hasn’t looked at a modern one in a while, the phrase security door might evoke a clunky, unsightly rusted image to mind. Your desire to secure your entrance may be fighting against not wanting to muddy the overall aesthetic of your home. Luckily, having to decide between those two options is no longer necessary. You can choose a security door that protects your home and is a stylish addition to your front entranceway.

Everyone has their personal style, and in addition to that, everyone’s home has its own aesthetic. Modern, country-style, craftsman style, Victorian-era style. One type of door won’t be best suited to everyone, and it’s essential to know your options before jumping into any purchase. Jim’s Security Doors has a wide range of Australian-made security doors, with such a variety that everyone can find a model to suit their style.

I have a feature front door and don’t want to cover it

Feature front doors make the front of your home look great. They can be a bright colour, stained window panels or an otherwise funky design. Thinking of covering that up may be a deterrent to getting a security door installed. However, don’t put your household at risk of burglary for this reason, as there is a security door that allows a less obstructed view of your front door. The PerfGuard door is made of 1.6mm thick aluminium mesh, which is perforated to enable still a large portion of your front door to be visible behind it. The PerfGuard design itself is low-key, so that it will work well with a louder front door.  You must need to install best quality  security screen doors  for your home safety.

I have an older style house and want a door to match

If you live in an older home with beautiful heritage features, you want your security door to complement this style. Jim’s Security Doors offers a whole range of cast aluminium grille doors in a variety of designs. These go from geometric style, ornate floral design and a stained-glass style pattern. You can strengthen these doors against potential robbers by adding a fly-screen or a layer of privacy mesh underneath the grille design.  You must install iron or aluminium front security doors for your home.

I want a sleek, stylish design

ScreenGuard is a subtle but stylish premium model security door. It’s manufactured from 316 marine grade woven stainless steel mesh that allows a lot of natural sunlight and fresh air to filter through into your home. The frame is made of durable T6 extruded aluminium, and it exceeds the Australian Standard regulations, so the security factor will give you peace of mind. The materials are corrosion resistant and designed to stand up against severe weather conditions, so you don’t need to worry about any unsightly rust. Despite the heavy-duty security it offers, the actual look of the ScreenGuard door is slim and modern.

I want my front yard to be less cluttered

Is your porch cluttered with sporting or outdoor equipment? Often families store a lot of expensive items outside the front door, like bikes, prams, shoe racks, etc. These items are easily accessible, but unfortunately not secure at all from opportunistic thieves. This is why you should consider the benefits of installing an entry enclosure. An entry enclosure, or porch enclosure, is made from heavy security mesh that acts as a physical deterrent to any burglar looking to break into your home. The mesh is perforated, so it still allows a lot of natural light and ventilation into the enclosure, while keeping anything contained with it secure.

Sliding or hinged?

Your design decisions don’t stop with the security door itself. Once you’ve chosen your preferred security screen door, you’ll need to decide if you want it hinged or sliding. You may opt for a hinged security door at the front of your house, so it swings the same way as your front door and go for a sliding security door at the back of your home where you have French doors. There are pros and cons to both options, and it will largely be based on the width and design of your existing door.

Your door is more than good looks

A well-chosen security door is able to offer more than just security for your household. A durable security door in good nick is a great selling point for any potential buyer, and insurance companies also look favourably on insuring a house that has a security detail. Any improvements to your home, including sought-after security features can contribute to raising the value of your property. Security door can also help to lower your insurance premium as well as helping to lower your power bills by allowing you to ventilate your home naturally rather than relying on air-conditioning. Security doors – not just a pretty face!

To speak with an expert about which security door will best suit your home, call Jim’s Security Doors on 13 15 46 for a free quote.

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