I Need to Upgrade My Security Door, What Are My Options

I Need to Upgrade My Security Door, What Are My Options?

Has your security door seen better days? Are you looking to upgrade? If your security door is not in top condition, you can be sure it’s not doing its job. Even minor damages to the door can impair the safety features you installed it for. So, you’ve made the decision to upgrade it. That’s great! Now you just need to decide which one to choose!

Burglary rates across Melbourne are on the rise, even now that more people are working from home. There’s no time like now to upgrade your home security with an Australian Standards tested Security doors. These tests ensure that the door you purchase is proof from most methods of forced entry, including knife shearing, blunt force and jemmying. But it’s important to know that even the most secure of security doors cannot perform the task unless made-to-measure (because no door frame is 100% rectangular!) and installed correctly. That’s why it’s also worth arranging to have your door professionally installed.

Now, let’s look at your options!

A new security door in Melbourne

If your current security door is quite old, you might have missed the news – security doors are quite a stylish feature now! With a range of designs, styles and colours, you can be sure to find the right security door to suit your taste and budget, and the aesthetic of your home.

At Jim’s Security Doors, we have a range of doors that all meet the Australian Standards, are manufactured in Australia and are installed by professional, licenced security installers.

ScreenGuard Security Doors

ScreenGuard security doors are the ultimate selection in home protection. ScreenGuard doors are made from high-tensile woven marine-grade stainless steel mesh set in a heavy-duty aluminium frame. To further enhance your security, they are fitted with a triple locking system. ScreenGuard doors are covered by a 10-year product warranty valid from the date of installation.

PerfGuard Security Doors

PerfGuard security doors are a fantastic option for customers looking for a strong, visually appealing door that allows easy visual access without compromising your level of protection. The mesh in PerfGuard security doors is made from 1.6mm thick, corrosion-resistant perforated aluminium sheeting. PerfGuard doors are covered by a seven-year warranty from the date of installation.

One-Way or Privacy Mesh

Privacy Mesh provides security by allowing you to see out while limiting visibility from the outside. It also offers excellent airflow and protection from insects. The One-Way Mesh comes in two thicknesses, so you can choose to have the heavy grade on its own or the light grade with a Diamond Grille or Cast Aluminium Frame. The heavy-grade mesh meets Australian Standards (AS5039-2008) for security doors, is resistant to pet damage and is easy to clean.

Diamond Grille Security Door

The diamond grille security door is a classic – and for a good reason! It is aesthetically pleasing, can be colour matched to your home and is still an outstanding solution for home security. The Diamond Grille Security Door can be cut in a classic diamond shape or double diamond. The style of mesh available for diamond grilles is varied – you can choose from standard flyscreen mesh, pet mesh, perforated aluminium, or privacy/one-way mesh.

Secure entry enclosures

These screened, secure, lockable security enclosures are built into the existing structure of your home’s facade. If your home has a porch or a veranda, you could add so much value to your property by transforming it into a completely secure space.

Made from Jim’s Security Doors security mesh, secure entry enclosures are made to Australian Standards, meaning they are a great burglar deterrent. Thanks to the quality and design of the mesh, secure entry enclosures are visually unobtrusive. You can build a secure entry enclosure to encompass a porch or an outdoor dining area to keep you and your family safe from both bugs and burglars.

So, what are the Australian Standards for Security doors?

You can’t call it a ‘security’ door unless the door has passed the Australian Standards. That’s the law. If you’re wondering exactly what that means, we’ve summed up the tests that make your security door proof against break ins.

  • The Knife Shear Test – designed to test the strength of the security mesh and simulate a burglar using a knife or sharp object to break through.
  • The Impact Test – designed to simulate a physical attack on a screen including using a heavy object, kicking or shoulder charging.
  • The Jemmy Test – simulates an intruder attempting to lever the screen open with a screwdriver or jemmy.
  • The Pull Test– simulates an intruder attempting to pull the screen out.
  • The Probe Test – simulates an intruder creating a gap in the security screen so they can get their hand in to unlock the door or window.
  • The Shear Test – simulates an intruder attempting to cut through the security screen mesh with cutting pliers.

If you need to upgrade your security door and would like a quote for any of the Security door Melbourne listed above, please call the experts at Jim’s Security Doors on 13 15 46.

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