Re-Cycling Of The E-Waste Is Equally Important As Using The New One

We, as user, know only how to use the electronic devices. Whether computer and peripherals, smartphones, other electronic gadgets, home appliances, and many more devices but don’t bother about their further process when we throw them away. A big part of the raw material for re-manufacturing of electronic gadgets comes from the re-cycling of the e-waste. A huge mound of the e-waste generated daily and re-cycled for further manufacturing. It is self explanatory that the re-cycling of the same is equally necessary otherwise; there will be no space for keeping newer gadgets. Imagine that in a single city, there are more than 500 shops of electronic goods and all are filled with various gadgets. Likewise in entire country, how huge the stock of electronics items will be.

This is beyond the imagination. To absorb the heavy manufacturing it is also quite necessary that the unused or older gadgets are discarded timely. Not only discarding but re-cycling of the same is also quite necessary. Just take the example of only one thing, the computers. Computer users are increasing rapidly in all the countries. Various models of computers are coming day by day. Older version of monitor and CPYs are being discarded in the same ratio they are coming in market. Old CRT model monitor and Floppy disc model CPUs are now become the old fashioned things. Dot Matrix printers and older version scanners, all these things need to be discarded and re-cycled.

To destroy the above mentioned items is the most challenging job rather than the manufacturing of a new one. Manufacturing does not have the eco friendly aspect but in the re-cycling, this aspect also has to be kept in mind. In the CPUs, RAM and other directive components also have the chemical reactive materials and exposing them to fire may cause environmental hazard. To avoid any unforeseen problems, the destruction is done in very sophisticated and safe manner.  The advance technology used by this company in the destruction and re-cycling of the computers is quite unique and provides the fresh raw material to the companies for manufacturing. The shredding of hard drives is done by this company in very logical and systematic manner. The small pieces of every hard disc are easy in recycling.

How shredding takes place

Shredding of the hard discs is one of the most challenging jobs. Every hard disc also has the poly carbonic mixture of the body and need to be re-cycled after recovery of the data if ordered to do so. Each hard disc’s body generates some chemical reactions which is not eco-friendly. But the latest techniques adopted by this company are quite suitable for destruction. Body of the printers, CPUs, Monitors has different type of material. Stiffness of the plastic used in these components is quite different. To segregate each type of plastic is also one of the difficult jobs involved in recycling. If not given the due attention, heavy mixing of the material will be done and re-cycling will prepare such a raw material which will serve no purpose for re-manufacturing of the gadgets. The destruction of e-garbage does not means only the melting of the plastic parts but to maintain the ecological balance is also under the responsibility of the company involved in the job.

It is quite obvious that the material after prolonged use lose the actual temper. To provide the same stiffness again, some mixing of different type of compounds is done in a specific ratio. This is also the caliber of chemical engineers to ensure the right re-cycling of the plastic parts.

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