Should I Choose Solid or See-Through When it Comes to Fencing In Australia 2022?

Should I Choose Solid or See-Through When it Comes to Fencing


When it comes to choosing fencing for your home, how important is it that you’re able to see through the fence? Is it preferable to have a fence that blocks the view of your yard from the street, or is it more practical and desirable to have a see-through fence?


When you get a fence installed, you expect it to last years, if not decades. Despite it being a simple structure or building project, it’s that longevity a fence offers that should make you sit down and consider every aspect of it before choosing a design. Not only do you need to think about your needs as a household right now, but you should try to think ahead of what you’ll want your fence to offer you in five to ten years. One of the most important factors to consider is whether you want a fence that is solid or see-through. You should to install quality Pool Fencing Which also should be safe and secure


Should I Choose Solid or See-Through When it Comes to Fencing In Australia 2022

See-through doesn’t mean transparent. Having a see-through fence does not mean you have a glass fence bordering your front yard – instead, it can mean you have a low fence that shows off a more considerable amount of your yard and house or a fence with decorative see-through panels that does the same. Your see-through fence could be a result of you having a beautiful art-deco laser cut feature fence – in that sense, the see-through nature of your fence is a consequence of having an eye-catching front wall.  You also need to know Colorbond fencing which is the best option



Benefits of see-through fences

When you hear about see-through fences for the first time, you may dismiss the idea altogether. After all, the traditional image of a fence is that of a sturdy, opaque wall, right? Well, there’s actually a lot of benefits to having a see-through fence installed, and one being suitable for your family is very possible depending on what you need your fence to offer. Some of the benefits of a see-through fence include:

  • Natural lighting – if you live in an area with a lot of natural light on offer, a tall, solid fence could block out the majority of the sun and leave your yard feeling cold and dark.
  • For pools, you must have a see-through fence. It is absolutely crucial that you have a fence that will allow you to safely monitor young children swimming at all times.
  • Your garden and landscaping can be on display. If you have a green thumb or have an impeccable looking yard, you might not want a heavy fence to conceal it. If you enjoy spending time in your front yard and being able to chat to neighbours and passers-by a see-through fence is a great option.
  • A see-through fence enables you to see outside while keeping you safe and protected. A see-through fence can highly benefit young children and dogs by allowing them to have a greater view of their environment when outside playing. Meanwhile, if your fence is safe and secure, there’s no elevated risk to them.


Types of see-through fences

Picket fences are typically hip-height, decorative fencing that showcases your front yard and the architecture of your home.


Heritage woven wire fences are an incredibly stylish, sophisticated style that also offers passers-by an unobstructed view of your yard and garden.


Art-deco feature fences are unique and customisable but often use a lattice or a laser-cut design to add interest to the wall. These make the fence partially see-through.

Benefits of see-through fences In Australia 2022

Benefits of solid fences

The majority of fences you see walking down a typical residential street are solid fencing, and there are good reasons for that. Some of the benefits of a solid fence include:

  • Privacy is vital for many households – you want to kick back and relax in your yard with your friends and family and not have to worry about nosy neighbours or people seeing what you’re doing. For many people, just the accessibility of strangers looking into your yard will be off-putting enough that you won’t get to utilise the outdoor space in your own home, which is never a good thing.
  • Shielding your property from sight can help to prevent break-ins and burglaries. Many robbers like to ‘window-shop’ a house before attempting to break in. After all, they don’t want to waste time and risk arrest for a home that doesn’t have any valuables on offer. Making your home inaccessible from scoping out can help to deter any potential intruders.
  • Creating peace in a busy street. A tall, solid fence can have sound-proofing qualities, which will help to filter out the high volume of traffic near your house. This will help make your backyard a more tranquil, peaceful environment for you and your family.
  • Protecting your home from the elements. A solid wall can help to shield your garden and house from the worst of storms, heavy winds and sweltering heat. Certain fences can even help to protect your home from the threat of fire, such as non-combustible Colorbond fencing.


Types of solid fences

Colorbond fencing is solid steel panels that are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They’re extremely beneficial at blocking your home from the harsh Aussie climate.


Timber fencing can come in different styles, but a common one is tall, panelled fencing that makes a solid wall. Timber fencing is beautiful and gives a natural feel to your yard.


Modular walls have soundproofing qualities that work best when the fence is built up to two metres or taller.  We need to contact Fence Melbourne The best company in Melbourn


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