What is The Worst Time of Year for Robbery in My Home?

 Are you wondering what time of year you need to be more vigilant to ensure your home is protected from thieves? It’s important to ensure that your household is protected year-round, but at certain times of the year it might be wise to be extra cautious.

What is The Worst Time of Year for Robbery in My Home

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently recorded a 29% decline in home robberies in Melbourne. This is undoubtedly a result of the lockdowns that Victorians have undergone in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Put simply, Melbournians are now at home more often, leaving potential robbers with fewer chances to break in. But while lockdown restrictions mean that burglars have fewer opportunities to commit robberies, home robberies have certainly not come to a halt.


What is the worst time of year for robberies in Melbourne?

Statistics show that January is usually the worst month of the year for robbery in Melbourne. But why is that? The holiday season? The warm weather?


#1 Complacency with security

After the holiday season, most of us get to have some time off work. The weather is warm, the cooling breeze at the end of a scorching Melbourne day draws you outdoors. The kids want to get outside and play. You’re in holiday mode. Attention to security might be at the back of your mind when you’re in high spirits, and you might accidentally leave the door unlocked when you head out into the sunshine.


#2 New and expensive items

Burglars know that Christmas is a time for giving. Gift giving. Homes during the Christmas season are more likely to have new electronics, jewellery and cash either wrapped up under the tree or left out to admire.


Santa doesn’t come until Christmas Eve, and you might be better off following his lead. Although it’s fun to stack gifts under the tree in the lead-up to Christmas, hiding wrapped gifts until Christmas morning will keep these tempting treats out of sight of potential robbers. Having visible security measures in place, such as a security door and windows or security cameras, can deter potential thieves, but better not give them an excuse to try.


#3 Letting the cool breeze into your home

As the Australian holiday season coincides with summer, this is the season you’re most likely to throw open the doors in search of that elusive cool breeze. In 30% of home break-ins, the burglar entered through an open door or window.


Rather than deciding between the breeze and your security, summer might be the time to consider installing safety windows and doors. Jim’s Security Doors and windows are designed to let in natural light and air without compromising your family’s safety. That way, when the night air brings relief from the heat, you can fly to the window, tear open the shutters and throw up the sash, knowing Santa’s the only one who will be breaking into your home!


#4 Holiday season

The holiday season and the weather compound once more to give us another reason why January is the worst time of year for robbery in Melbourne – vacation time! If you’re heading out of town for a summer holiday, prepare your home for your absence. This might mean asking a neighbour to keep an eye out, installing timed lights, so it looks like someone’s home and making sure your security doors and windows are all locked and in working order.

Holiday season and your home security

#5 Extended hours of outdoor fun

With the sun out to play longer and later over the summer months, people are more likely to be out walking their dogs, going for a run or taking a twilight stroll with their beloved. With more people outside, you are less likely to notice a stranger casing your property. As burglary is more likely to occur during the day, robbers have more opportunities to break in. Be vigilant of strangers in your area, check that door knockers are legitimate before you let them in and always keep your doors and windows locked, even when home.


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