Why Opt For Nikon Binoculars?

Nikon has made a solid place in the market of imaging merchandise and production optics. It is famous all around the world for its high end cameras, ophthalmic lenses, camera lenses, microscopes, measurement tools, and quality binoculars. Each kind of Nikon binoculars has been precisely designed and specialized for specific activities. Nikon has a specialized type of binocular for all your needs, whether it is hunting, sightseeing, bird watching, nature watching, underwater adventures or any other sort of activity.

Nikon High grade Collection

Binoculars from the high grade collection of nikon produce high quality images that are sharp and have a high resolution. It is a multilayer technology manufactured to give high quality color images. This work is done by silver coated prisms in the binoculars that give off brighter images. These prisms and lenses are free of contamination from arsenic compounds. Moreover, non vinyl chloride materials are used for making eyepiece caps, case, straps and the entire body of these binoculars.

Standard Design Binoculars

This range of Nikon’s binoculars are considered to be very sophisticated. There are four series of binoculars in the standard category. Roof and Porto are the basic ones while the sportier series makes use of Oring for underwater activities. It has a high point eye design, protective rubber on its body, focus distance of 3m and optic rubber cup for slide & turn.
Another series is the Action series. It uses a spherical eye piece for deformation of images. Tripod adaptor, lens coated with multi layer, covering made of rubber are some other features that come with it. It has smooth zooming and produces very clear images.

Nikon Binoculars for your Marine Adventures

Marine binoculars series by nikon is the best for underwater marine adventures. It comes with excellent functions. All the models consist of the O ring.the temperature is regulated by the presence of nitrogen gas. The addition of a compass in the Nikon’s marine binoculars is a unique feature that is very helpful to divers. It is also fog proof and water resistant and provides extended view and brighter and clearer images.

Nikon Hunting and Outdoor Collection

The binocular models from the hunting and outdoor collection produce magnified and high quality images. The image quality is further enhanced by the addition of prisms and lenses that have a multi layered coating. The nikon action ex series binoculars have additional features like fog resistance and water proof. The temperature is also regulated by the presence of nitrogen gas. For the ease of users, these binoculars also have slide and turn cups for the eyes that has multi click functionality. Therefore, a person can position the eyes with ease.

Nature Binoculars

With the help of these binoculars, nature lovers can have an up close view of all the creatures. The binoculars offer comfort due to the presence of rubber eye cups; and the binoculars are light weight so this adds up to the comfort level. They are also shock proof as it has a rubber covering made of a protein compound. It is also easy to use and carry as it has a good grip.

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