Window Treatments Are the Last Step When Redecorating

Whether you are redecorating your home to enjoy it later or flipping a house for resale, windows make or break the room. Naked windows make a room look blah. Window coverings like blinds, shades or rollers bring color to the walls. When window treatments bring your attention to the windows, it opens a room up to the outdoors or closes it off for privacy.

Window treatments that are functional are the most impressive. Shades or blinds that are too short or too long can’t really be used in front of guests. Roller treatments have to be sized correctly as well, or when you roll them down for privacy you have these giant rolls that won’t sit on the window sill, but have to be dropped down to the floor. The rest of them hang on the floor and you hope that the dog won’t chew on them. It’s important to have a professional help you with your window treatments, custom sizing them is extremely important.

Blinds are extremely popular with those that like to let sunlight into the room, but not in a harsh way. Blinds also come in a variety of colors and textures, like metal, plastic, and wood. This type of window treatment allows you to choose between many styles such as, office, warehouse, luxurious, pastel, heavy and thick blades, or lightweight cloth. If you are drawn to shades on your windows, it is a very stylish thing to do. Shades are able to keep the light from coming through the window at all. Shades can be opened and let the full amount of light in as well and are easy to clean. Shades can be many different colors and come in different sizes. They can be a heavy fabric material or lightweight plastic. A professional can make all of the difference in the world as you choose what will make your wall color and furniture pop.

Rollers are so much fun! The window treatments known as rollers can be used anywhere from the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, screened back porch, well anywhere there is a window. Rollers catch your eye and bring a window to your attention. Leaving rollers halfway down make a window look expensive. Just make sure that they are level. A professional can help you with the choices that will look best here also. How heavy and large do you want the roller pieces to be if you are going bamboo? If you are going material, the sky is the limit on color and fabric density. So many choices are available.

It’s important to wait and hang window treatments last when you are redecorating. You won’t really know how your furniture and pictures will react to the wall color until it’s done. At that point you can carefully plan which window treatments will set the room off and bring everything together. Whether you are looking for luxury, elegance, modern family, or rustic you can add value to your home by adding professionally chosen window treatments.

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